benefits of coconut oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil are innumerable. It is shelf stable, can be used in place of cooking oil, butter, shortening, plus has been used for centuries as a natural health and beauty agent. It is nutritious and has a long shelf life! Continue reading Benefits of Coconut Oil


Living Their Dream

Winters in the Upper Peninsula are long and harsh. Imagine getting through them while living off the land and off the grid, as this couple does.He lives in a log cabin in a mountainside forest in the northern wilds of the Upper Peninsula. The nearest road is miles away. The only way to get to the cabin is to hike awhile through the woods.John and his wife, Victoria, own Ishpeming Birchbark Canoes. They build traditional wood canoes at home by hand the way the Ojibwa Indians of the region did hundreds of years ago, a skill that comes easy because … Continue reading Living Their Dream