More Body Shaming Bullies?

A pregnant news anchor recently shared with viewers letters she had received that could be classified as hate mail. Were people angry at the inaccurate weather forecasts, you ask? No, these letters had to do with how much people hated looking at Kristi Gordon's baby bump.   Gordon recently announced on-air that she was expecting her second child, the stationreported.But she had an unusual request. She asked the viewers to please be nice about what she wore during her pregnancy, because she was criticized during her first pregnancy for her outfits."It was horrible last time," she said on the air. Gordon said in an … Continue reading More Body Shaming Bullies?

Another “News Figure” Takes a Shot at Kelly Clarkson’s Weight

  Why is this even a subject? Look at her! Kelly Clarkson is beautiful and she is responding (or not responding) to these crass comments with class. Back in February, controversial British TV personality Katie Hopkins took a jab at Clarkson and got people talking. Is this the newest and lowest way to get the spotlight on your particular corner of talk radio? News Flash! People are getting tired of bullies and whether it's aimed at Kelly Clarkson or the now famous Dancing Man, the public is not laughing at your cruel comments!   Chris Wallace released a statement on Sunday, April 5, … Continue reading Another “News Figure” Takes a Shot at Kelly Clarkson’s Weight