About ThePreparedMother

I should have called this site, “The Preparing Mother”. For while no one can ever be truly & completely prepared, we can all do something every day to make our situation better.

For me, that means storing food, learning skills, teaching my children, supporting my husband & encouraging others. I didn’t always do things this way.  The feminist movement and it’s backlash left me confused and uncertain of my identity.  I fell for the fallacy that, in order to be a “strong woman”, there was no place in my life for compromise with a man. The results were an angry, selfish & perpetually disappointed person.

A large part of my life was wasted in this delusion. I have only God to thank for saving me from myself.

If you are new to preparing, take heart!  In the words of my big (little) brother, do what you can, where you are, with what you’ve got.

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Instagram: @ThePreparedMother

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YouTube: The Prepared Mother


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