Gluten Free Make-Ahead Breakfast

There are so many special diets out there nowadays that staying aware of them all can make your head spin. There are also so many different reasons for each, but there’s one thing that all of these diets have in common: healthy eating habits.

My family and I don’t follow a special diet; we simply stay away from heavily processed foods and eat as fresh as possible. For us, this means being able to incorporate variety and, most importantly, venturing out to discover the best recipes from all types of diets – because the same-old stuff hitting the table is boring.

A year ago, I picked up a vegan cookbook to broaden our palates. Wholegrains, vegetables, beans, seeds, and nuts were all the things we loved, so we dived right in. Veggie stir-fries, quinoa cakes and nut bars were all delightful (except for the tofu, which did not fly with the kiddo) but there was one ingredient that stood out among the rest: chia seeds. An omega-3 rich seed, these little guys pack a nutritious punch and can be added to practically anything. I would have never known if it wasn’t for trying my hand at a new diet.



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