Gluten-Free Granola with honey, flax & chia

Part of our food storage….plan? strategy? Is that we consistently use much of what we store. When I was new to prepping, I made some costly mistakes that might sound familiar to you (how can you not buy 10 cans of Spaggeti’os when they’re on sale for .50 cents!?)

The problem with filling your preps with such food, no matter how great a deal it seems at the time, is that if you & your family don’t eat this food it could very likely go to waste. So 2 years after this great deal on Spaggetti’os, I needed up with a lot of food about to expire that nobody wanted to eat! It became 100% waste and if there’s one thing a mother-prepper cannot abide……

Now days, much of our food-prep budget goes to long term freeze dried foods from Thrive. However we still keep such prepper (& pantry) staples as rice,  beans & oatmeal on hand.

This recipe comes is highly adaptable. Substitute raisins for cranberries, almonds for cashews, coconut sugar for honey…. and whatever you and your family will enjoy!

I hope you enjoy this video. As with most of my daily projects, I’m blessed with my little helper!


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