grinding bulgur wheat into flour

Grinding Bulgur Wheat into Flour

Grinding bulgur wheat into flour with a hand mill is no small undertaking. This project took us a while but is something I like to do with each of my daughters. Knowing that they can perform this basic task reassures me that they appreciate the work that goes into a loaf of bread!

Many people’s food storage includes hundreds of pounds of “hard red winter wheat”. While these wheat berries can be eaten whole, (after soaking and cooking) they are also stored because you can grind them into flour. If your food stores include wheat berries, please take the time to practice grinding them into flour and then using that flour to bake a loaf of bread. I promise you, you will learn lots!


*Correction* One of the slides states “1 cup of wheat berries = 2 cups of flour” this in incorrect. One cup of wheat berries will yield 1 cup of flour. Sorry, it doesn’t magically double 🙂


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