3 months in 3 hours

3 Months in 3 Hours

Here’s something that is long overdue! One of my goals is to motivate people to take more responsibility for the safety and security of themselves and their families. If they (for whatever reason) do not have the necessary supplies on hand to do that, they should at least know what they are going to need to grab in the event of emergency!

This post was motivated by a YouTube video I watched this morning from The Prepared Mind (no relation!) In it, he suggested that those who recognize the need to prepare but may not be ready to act could be presented with a list of things to get at the last minute. This seems to be an excellent suggestion and I already know a few friends that I will be sharing this with.

Keep in mind that this is a last minute prepping list intended for those who may not have any prior preps. In the event of “SHTF” style emergency,  I personally intend to avoid places such as Costco.  However, there are those who will not be prepared and it will be necessary for them to venture out.  At the very least and in the words of John @ThePreparedMind, this list will ensure that they don’t end up “in the toilet paper aisle stocking up on TP and toothpaste!”

I welcome your comments and feedback in order to, “build a better list”!

Thank you to, The Prepared Mind, for the inspiration.

3 Months in 3 Hours printable checklist.


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