Easy and Fun DIY Magnets


These easy DIY magnets are created using printed images and a bit of MOD PODGE. You can easily customize them to any theme or decor! Are you thinking what I'm thinking? It's never to early to start working on Holiday gifts! While you have all your supplies out, make a set of DIY magnets for everyone on your gift giving list. While I try(read fail) to keep the "artwork" on my fridge to a minimum, I am a sucker for cute magnets that fit my style.

I could see this being a great project for kids to do as well, depending on the age and skill level. (Let's face it, MOD PODGE can be permanent) so take the necessary precautions and use your own best judgment before handing the brush over to youngsters. I know my girls would have a blast and would love giving these little DIY magnets to their friends or teachers.  

Share Your Completed Projects

If you do this or any other project posted on WomensSuite.com, we'd love to see your pictures! Please consider sharing them in the CommUnity Forum.

Click the link to go to the full article and step by step tutorial.

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