DIY Marquee Letters

It’s about time for a fun, new project from the office makeover, right? I thought so, too! With all the traveling and side projects I’ve been doing lately, it hasn’t left much time to work on the projects I’ve had up my sleeve, so it felt really good to bust this one out yesterday! Marquee letters are wildly popular right now, and I couldn’t wait to plow through this office makeover so I could DIY some for myself.

I knew from the start of this makeover that my office was going to be the new headquarters for Love Grows Wild. I create in here, write in here, get inspired in here, and frankly I eat and sometimes sleep in here too, but that’s besides the point. I had been brainstorming some kind of DIY sign that had my blog logo on it, but then it hit me… this is the perfect time to do those marquee letters I had been dreaming about! I thought this project would be a little intimidating, but it was honestly super easy to do, and I finished everything in just a few hours, including paint drying time and taking step-by-step photos for you guys to enjoy.



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