DIY Pillow Cover

DIY Pillow cover? Why not! I knew this project was for me as soon as I saw the words "DIY" and "Hardware store". Absolutely hands down, if I can get my supplies from the hardware store you can count me in! While I may not make hundreds of pillows, a couple are certainly do-able in a rainy day afternoon. A few of which I am hoping will be forthcoming! 

Those canvas drop cloths you find at the hardware store for painting are PERFECT for creating neutral, casual pillows, and they are so darn cheap, you could afford to make hundreds of pillows if you wanted. They come in different sizes, but the one I bought was 9’x12′ and cost me barely $15. That’s a lot of fabric to work with! I definitely recommend running the drop cloth through the washer and dryer once before you do anything with it. This will soften up the canvas and get rid of any wrinkles or stiffness.



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