Soothe Stress & Anxiety

If you comfort with food, don’t be too hard on yourself; a little bit is okay. It’s when eating is your primary way of coping that it becomes an issue — because, let’s face it: Life is stressful! And so we need to find other, better methods of stress management to have on hand when life gets hard.

As a psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic, I teach people to tap into healthy stress management strategies that help them unwind. My motto is “calm and comfort without calories.” And I tell my clients to look for comfort, not bliss. Think of it as the difference between your favorite pair of heels and your tennis shoes. One brings you pleasure, the other comfort. It's similar to the way chocolate brings sensory pleasure whereas a massage triggers real relaxation.

via 7 Ways To Soothe Stress & Anxiety (That Have Nothing To Do With Food) –


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