Give Up Sugar For 8 Weeks?

Eight weeks ago, I made the big decision to give up sugar. I have Autoimmune Metaplastic Atrophic Gastritis, a condition where my immune system attacks the cell walls of my stomach and leads to digestive problems. Because of my diagnosis, I became a modified Paleo eater about three years ago, meaning my meals mainly consist of fresh vegetables, fruit, organic grass-fed meats, broth, and no grains, dairy, gluten or processed sugars.

But though my diet had kept my symptoms at bay for three years, I still felt sugar had a hold over me. That's because I'd still make raw desserts with natural sweeteners (like pure maple syrup) and I'd add sugary fruits like banana, dates, mangoes and grapes to my daily smoothies. I also snacked on some fruit throughout the day as well, because I felt I needed the treat.

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