Why Don’t we Create as Often as We Want?

making time to create

Are you making time to create? It can be a challenge to find enough time to be creative. If my own life, so much happens throughout the day that before I realize it, the hour that I intended for creativity has come and gone. By the time I get all of my day-to-day jobs done and the family to bed, I don't have enough creative energy left to work on any projects. Why does this happen? Why don't we create as often as we want?

Author, speaker and creativity consultant Jeffrey Davis takes a deep look at a recent study into why we don't create as much as we want and suggests what we can do about it! 

I don't intend to make this complex matter simplistic. But there is simplicity to the equation of time and creativity. If you cannot change your circumstances immediately, you can change your mind’s relationship to and perception of time as well your mind’s relationship to current obligations and work. Not feeling as if you have enough time is also a good incentive to cultivate more awe.

Source: The Truth About Having Time to Create | The Creativity Post


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