Health Lessons Learned

Many of us have health lessons learned from our family. Along with family history, older relatives have a weatlh of health knowledge that we can benefit from. The proof is in the pudding, they say. If your 90-year-old great grandmother gives you health advice, you'd be wise to take heed!

Health Lessons Learned

I'm a doctor, but it was my great-grandmother who taught me the virtues of omega-3s…at the breakfast table when I was 5 years old. We called her “Mud," a family nickname from the abbreviated version of the German word for mother.When I was a little girl, Mud traveled from California to Maryland to visit us. We were a typical American family of the ’70s, living in suburbia, watching Charlie’s Angels, eating the occasional Pop-Tarts and Girl Scout cookie. She showed up at our house not with a Barbie or gum like my friend’s grandma, but with wheat berries, cod liver oil, carob chips, wheat germ, and Meyer lemons. Needless to say, I thought she was weird.

Source: 3 Health Lessons I Learned From My Great Grandmother: Dr. Sara Gottfried Explains –


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