Health Lessons Learned

Many of us have health lessons learned from our family. Along with family history, older relatives have a weatlh of health knowledge that we can benefit from. The proof is in the pudding, they say. If your 90-year-old great grandmother gives you health advice, you'd be wise to take heed! Health Lessons Learned I'm a doctor, but it was my great-grandmother who taught me the virtues of omega-3s…at the breakfast table when I was 5 years old. We called her “Mud," a family nickname from the abbreviated version of the German word for mother.When I was a little girl, Mud traveled … Continue reading Health Lessons Learned

Jane Goodall on Harambe the Gorilla

Jane Goodall has weighed in on the Cincinnati Zoo shooting of Harambe the gorilla. Jane Goodall is considered perhaps the world's premiere expert on primates. After the incident last month where a 17-year-old gorilla was shot in order to rescue a 3-year-old boy who had fallen into his enclosure, the world looked to Goodall for her opinion. At the time, Goodall withheld issuing a formal statement. She has now publicly shared her thoughts on the Zoo's actions and explained why she waited this long to issue a statement.  Jane Goodall on Harambe the Gorilla Jane Goodall on Sunday publicly shared her first extensive thoughts … Continue reading Jane Goodall on Harambe the Gorilla

Health Facts About Blueberries 

 Health Facts About Blueberries Have you ever wondered if the health facts about blueberries are overstated?  Blueberries are extremely popular for dieticians and health experts. They are full of nutritional goodness, helping people to fight against all types of illnesses, including cancer. The fruit also works extremely well in recipes, whether savoury or sweet.If the blueberry fruit has been recommended to you or you’ve come across them a lot in your grocery shop, it’s time to learn more about why they are so good for you. Here are 10 nutritional facts about blueberries nutrition and look out for some recipes ideas … Continue reading Health Facts About Blueberries¬†

San Andreas Fault, About to Crack?

Is the San Andreas fault line ready to crack?  The director of the Southern California Earthquake Center, Thomas Jordan, made an announcement recently that would have sent a chill down the spine of every Californian: that the San Andreas fault appears to be in a critical state and as such, could generate a large earthquake imminently.Of course, the reiteration of the seismic hazard to Californians will be nothing surprising, but what is new is the warning that the southern portion of the fault "looks like it's locked, loaded and ready to go."Why is this eminent seismologist making these alarming statements? … Continue reading San Andreas Fault, About to Crack?

Rare Events All At Once?

Why are there so many rare events all at once?  Something weird seems to be happening in the heavens. This week marks a coincidence of the full moon and the summer solstice. Some astronomers are calling this combination of maximum moonlight and the Northern Hemisphere's longest day a rare event.It comes close on the heels of last month's rare passage of Mercury in front of the sun, September's rare pairing of a lunar eclipse with a so-called supermoon, the rare 2014 "tetrad" of lunar eclipses, the rare 2012 transit of Venus, and a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignments, one earlier … Continue reading Rare Events All At Once?

Common Bra Buying Mistakes

 Common bra buying mistakes.  Buying a bra is one of the easiest tasks for women. Isn’t it? OR Is it the trickiest task of all? Well, with the right knowledge and idea about choosing a good bra, buying the best fitting bra is nothing less than a minute’s time. But, if you are not clear about the size, shape and purpose of the bra, you may simply spend hours choosing the right fit.Helping you further with choosing the right bra, here is a list of 6 common mistakes that women make when buying a bra. Avoid them and you will … Continue reading Common Bra Buying Mistakes

Protect Your Skin This Summer

Summer Skin Protection Summer skin protection can be as easy as wearing a hat and keeping your arms covered. Especially for young children, though, SPF sunscreen is essential  when you will be outdoors in the sun. SPF sunscreens with with a strength of S30-50 are recommended for children over 6 months. Before 6 months of age, doctors recommend using physical barriers, such as clothing or umbrellas, rather than sunscreen.  Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the U.S. with an estimated 3.5 million cases diagnosed each year. According to the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, it develops as an abnormal … Continue reading Protect Your Skin This Summer

Rome’s First Woman Mayor

Rome's First Woman Mayor For the first time in history, Rome has elected a woman mayor. Virginia Raggi has become Rome's first woman mayor with an estimated 68% of the vote!  Virginia Raggi was elected Sunday as Rome's first female mayor, exit polls showed, in an electoral triumph for the populist Five Star Movement that represents a major setback for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.Exit polls gave Raggi around two thirds of the vote in a run-off contest with Roberto Giachetti of Renzi's centre-left Democratic Party (PD).The 37-year-old lawyer and local councillor, a complete unknown only a few months ago, had … Continue reading Rome’s First Woman Mayor

How Kids & Dads Can Enjoy Father’s Day Together

Happy Father's Day! To celebrate Dad and family today,why not enjoy Father's Day together! This article lists a few creative ways to celebrate and enjoy Father's Day together this year. Remember, you don't have to wait for a special holiday to gather up the family for a fun day together. So after Dad's breakfast in bed, load up the family and head for the great outdoors!  It is rumored that Ben Affleck recently dressed up as Batman for his son’s superhero-themed birthday party, which must have scored super-cool points on the playground. But don’t worry, dads; you don’t need to … Continue reading How Kids & Dads Can Enjoy Father’s Day Together

Father’s Day, The Origins

According to Wikipidia, Father's Day was inaugurated in the United States in the early 20th century to complement Mother's Day in celebrating fatherhood and male parenting. After the success obtained by Anna Jarvis with the promotion of Mother's Day in the US, some[who?] wanted to create similar holidays for other family members, and Father’s Day was the choice most likely to succeed.[citation needed] There were other persons in the US who independently thought of “Father’s Day”,[2][3] but the credit for the modern holiday is often given to Sonora Dodd,[3] who was the driving force behind its establishment.[4] Father's Day was … Continue reading Father’s Day, The Origins