Decluttering Tips & Inspirational Video

‘Clutter Foot': the condition where you get into a car that has stuff in the foot area and you think you have enough room … until an hour goes by and you realize that you’re uncomfortable and that it has been slowly driving you INSANE; insane enough to roll yourself out of the car at a stoplight, Mission Impossible style.

‘Clutter Body': see above, but your whole body in your own home. I know I’ve talked about this before, but every year I get ‘clutter body’ really bad. Last year I spent 5 days over the holiday break cleaning out every single cupboard/drawer/pantry in my house (I listened to Serial the entire time). It was both depressing, exhilarating and satisfying. Starting fresh is super cliche, but absolutely necessary to my sanity. This year wasn’t so bad because I had that studio sale, thank goodness, but I still had 95 charging and electric cords that needed to find a home.

So Target, Zanna and I, created a series called ‘How do you do?’ as in, ‘How do you do .. decluttering? Organization? Simplicity in the bedroom?’ Etc. In this video Zanna (who is an incredible fashion stylist, spokesperson, and someone who even launched her own makeup line recently which you’ll hear more about soon) walks you through the clothes and beauty and I take on the closet and bathroom (style-wise).

For the full article please visit the link below. 

via Decluttering For The New Year – Emily Henderson.


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