How To Save Your Phone if You Just Destroyed It

How to save your phone…

I have been the victim of my own carelessness in regards to a destroyed smartphone. More than once, a bag of dry rice has saved the day. Just so you know, it can take a while for your phone to get fully dried out. I'm talking WEEKS, depending on how badly it got doused! The bottom line is, it won't hurt your phone to be placed in the rice so might as well give it a try! 

Have you tried any of these tricks to save your smartphone? We'd love to hear about your experience in the comments section of the article or tell us about it on Facebook!

Technology is great, isn't it? We carry smartphones now that are the size of a checkbook, and totally replace the need to carry a camera, notepad or music player (among a thousand other things). Of course, that means that when your phone has an accident, you're losing a lot of utility. Because our phones are our lifelines nowadays, you should know instantly what to do when yours bites the dust.

via How To Save Your Phone When You Drop, Drown or Destroy It | Apartment Therapy.

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