Skip Breakfast Every Day?

"Eat a good breakfast" has most likely been drilled into your brain and most mothers would insist that their child eat before leaving the house for school. This author, however, has found that he functions better when skipping breakfast. In fact, he does it every day and shares his reasons for doing so. What do you think? I’ve noticed that being completely dependent on food for energy, and constantly having to deal with nagging bouts of hunger, can feel very restricting. However, when I started skipping breakfast and my body adapted to this routine, I no longer had to deal with … Continue reading Skip Breakfast Every Day?

Deck the Halls!

The rustic Christmas scene that she pulled off is amazing! This is the sort of vignette that inspires me to "Deck the Halls"! Beautiful!   Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m usually a get my Christmas decor up December 23 type of girl. I don’t know why the holidays always seem to sneak up on me. But this year is entirely different! Not only is the Loft fully decked out {on December 1st no less}, but this year I did my very best to create the ultimate yuletide feeling. Though I did have a bit of an incentive! via Apartment 34 … Continue reading Deck the Halls!

DIY: Homemade Oat Flour

DIY: Homemade Oat Flour If you've tried changing your diet and have begun cutting out gluten, you've probably eaten a few lovely baked goods made from oat flour. Just because you are "going gluten-free" doesn't mean you can never bake again. While you're probably not going to be using traditional wheat flour, you can still enjoy making home made baked goodies by using Oat Flour.  If you're ready to try your hand at home made gluten free baking, you can save up to 50% by making your own oat flour! This article shows you how and shares some great tips and … Continue reading DIY: Homemade Oat Flour