Another “News Figure” Takes a Shot at Kelly Clarkson’s Weight


Why is this even a subject? Look at her! Kelly Clarkson is beautiful and she is responding (or not responding) to these crass comments with class.

Back in February, controversial British TV personality Katie Hopkins took a jab at Clarkson and got people talking. Is this the newest and lowest way to get the spotlight on your particular corner of talk radio? News Flash! People are getting tired of bullies and whether it's aimed at Kelly Clarkson or the now famous Dancing Man, the public is not laughing at your cruel comments!


Chris Wallace released a statement on Sunday, April 5, apologizing for his “offensive comment” about Kelly Clarkson’s weight. As Gossip Cop reported, the “Fox News Sunday” host made a radio appearance on Friday, April 3, in which the conversation on “The Mike Gallagher Show” bizarrely turned from pizza to fat shaming. Gallagher threw the first dig at Clarkson, bringing …

For more on The Dancing Man, please visit :

For more on Chris Wallace's remarks please click the link below.


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