Annoying Things People In Relationships Say

People in relationships can be annoying. Unbelievably, obliviously, profoundly annoying. The worst part? They often have no idea. There are obviously plenty of awesome couples, but every single person knows what it is like to have a few friends who jumped into relationships and adopted obnoxious partner personalities. Where you once had a decent buddy, you now have a friend who might as well be sewn to her “other half” and thinks it’s totally adorbz that you’re “still” single.(Related: 13 Signs You’re That Couple Everyone Hates)Though I am currently seeing somebody, I have been single for the past year since a particularly awful breakup. I did a lot of healing, successfully binge dated, and kissed plenty of frogs (plus a few humans!), and overall came out with a healthier, happier attitude towards relationships. However, I also came out with a new appreciation for all the annoying crap couples say to single people. Here are but a few.Read more:


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