Are We Prepared?

roadIt’s a question I am seeing more and more. As people begin to pick up on a feeling of trepidation. It seems that “prepping” is becoming more main stream and that we as a society feel that “something” is going to happen and we need to be ready for it.

Trying to answer what the something is, people have theorized disaster in a variety of forms. Grand scale natural disaster, EMP, global pandemic, economic collapse, zombie apocalypse, nuclear winter and more.

Most of the hypothetical scenarios have in common the notion of “survivors”. Those who by skill or luck managed to outlive the rest of society. This, I believe, is what drives us to prepare. As a mother, the desire to survive stems from my need to protect and care for my children.

Is something coming? If so, are there any amount of preparations that will keep my children untouched by the chaos? Probably not.


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